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Certification Badge Usage

Using your certification badges correctly

Achieving ISO certification is a major accomplishment that can enhance your credibility by proving that your products and/or services meet your customers’ expectations.

Once you have earned your certificate, you are authorised and encouraged to proudly display the badge in your marketing materials as a testament to your accomplishment.

We provide a suite of badges for different standards. These Badges can be found within the certification pack issued to you after you have been awarded certification. Alternatively, they can be downloaded below.

If you have any questions about using the badges, please Email us at [email protected].

Badge Downloads

ISO 9001 Badge Pack Download Zip File Here

ISO 14001 Badge Pack Download Zip File Here

ISO 45001 Badge Pack Download Zip File Here

Certification badge usage rules

Please do not alter Principal ISO Certification badges in any way from the format, design or colour in which they are supplied. If you require badges in a different format or size, please contact us via the email address below.

You are not permitted to use our certification badges in any way that might mislead interested parties about the scope of certification.

You are not permitted to use our certification badges in such a way as to imply that Principal ISO is responsible for activities carried out by your organisation.

Upon suspension or termination of certification, you shall immediately cease to issue any items displaying the certification badge, including removing certification badges in marketing materials.

For further queries regarding certification badge usage, please email [email protected]